Building a Portal Website

Over the coming weeks, I will post articles focusing on building a simple a Liferay portal community site. The portal will be based upon a fictitious healthcare provider that wants to create a community for its patient-customers. Ideally, users will be able to register for the system, file medical claims, check on the status of payments, and get other important information from the provider.

The following are proposed future articles:

  1. Part 1: Creating administrative portlets
  2. Part 2: Theming the Portal
  3. Part 3: Adding Login capability
  4. Part 4: Adding the user portlets
  5. Part 5: Creating community: roles and permissions
  6. Part 6: Adding web services
  7. Part 7: Connecting to an iPhone mobile app

The software for Part 1, the administrative portlets package, is available now in the downloads section. The associated article explaining the portlets will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

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