Claims Portlets

Three claims portlets

Click on the following link to download these portlets:

Claims Portlets for Liferay 6.0.6

As a first sprint toward developing a heath-care claims portal, these three portlets are being made available for Part 1 of the process. Included in this single package are three portlets as follows:

  1. Claims Registration – register new users into the portal.
  2. Claims Search – search for users matching a search criteria.
  3. Claims Statistics – a 3D chart displaying statistics about registration claim types.

IMPORTANT: A connection to an RDBMS supporting stored procedures is required (i.e. SQL Server, MySQL). The stored procedures needed to setup the database are available under the “src/db” folder of the downloaded file. These procedures should be executed before using the portlets.


Note: This software is provided under MIT open-source licensing.


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