Struts 2 Fusion Charts Portlet

Image 2 for Struts 2 Fusion Chart Portlet Image 2 for Struts 2 Fusion Chart Portlet

Click the following link to download this portlet:

FusionCharts Portlet for Liferay 6.0.6


This portlet demonstrates using the popular Fusion Charts Free charts within Liferay. Six types of single series charts are shown: Bar, Column 2D and Column 3D, Line, Pie 2D, and Pie 3D. Also, two different chart data groups are presented. Click on any one of the buttons to display a different chart.

After downloading, you can view the java source in the “src” folder. All the code is in the “” class file. Also, this portlet is a Struts 2 portlet and demonstrates some of the nice features available in that framework.

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