Introducing Portlet Generator 1.0

I’ve just added the portlet generator utility to this site.  This utility replaces the “create.bat” and “” scripts that come with Liferay’s PluginSDK.  It offers a GUI entry panel as well as the options to generate 4 different types of sample portlets: Struts, Spring, Struts2, and JSP.  I plan to add more functionality to this later and expand its offering if the need arises.

The Swing interface is very simple: just fill in the portlet name (or portlet id), the display name (what will be shown in the title) and select the type of portlet.  Then click the Generate button to make it all happen.  A couple of things to note:

1) Follow the instructions on the download page.
2)Be aware that the Struts and Struts2 samples come pre-packaged with the Liferay tomcat loader already set in the META-INF folder.  You’ll need to either change or delete according to your application server needs.


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