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Accessing Current URL

Published on November 25, 2008 By Jeff Robinson

Although JSR 168 specifies that portlets do NOT have access to the client request of the portal (JSR 168, p. 16),  Liferay developers will find that they do have access to this URL.  If using the extension environment, take a peek at the JSP source in: [liferay]portal\portal-web\docroot\html\portlet\init.jsp Once there, youl’ll find the following code: String […]

Tips & Tricks

Published on October 5, 2008 By Jeff Robinson

Coding Tip: If you’re using Liferay Open source portlets, the folder within the portal source named portal-impl contains both the class libraries and the source code to both the portal-based servlets as well as all the portlet code.


Published on October 3, 2008 By Jeff Robinson

I’ve finally placed two short articles in the learning center: Intro to Portlet Development Moving from Servlet to Portlet Development Check out the Learning Center in the future for more articles.