Portlet Generator 1.0

To download this utility, click the following link:

Download PortletGenerator 1.0


The Plugin Portlet Generator software is a Java Swing application intended to replace the functionality of the simple “create.bat” software that comes with the Liferay Plugin SDK.   Currently, only four types of sample portlets can be generated: Struts, Spring, JSP, and Struts2.

After downloading,  Unzip file to your PluginSDK folder’s “portlet” sub-folder. (Please Note: this zip file contains a new “build.xml” file that will replace the existing one. So save the old one if you desire to).  To use the Swing interface, just click on or run the “PortletGenerator.jar” file. (java-jar PortletGenerator.jar).

Also included are new command-line scripts to generate the sample porltlets manually if you prefer.  For Windows, there is the portletgen.bat and for Linux/Unix there is portletgen.sh.  The commnd formats are:

Windows: portletgen.bat portlet-name “Display Name”  Type

Linux/Unix: ./portletgen.sh portlet-name \”Display Name\”  Type

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